Hondo Ohnaka's Mobquet Combat Swoop

Hondo Ohnaka - More fearsome, cunning and dangerous than any bounty hunter by earning the notorious distinction of having a Sith and two Jedi masters as captives at the same time. The kidnapping and extortion business requires the utmost complementary support vehicles and his personal Mobquet combat swoop does that and more. Heavily armored with different custom arsenal for any situation and a hybrid swoop but not quite an airspeeder with its modified repulsorlift engine and thruster jets.

Hondo also gambles on outlawed swoop games and enters his modified Mobquet combat swoop with a different armor shield and less weaponry as allowed but nevertheless still menacing and deadly.

1) Central repulsor pod

2) Steering vanes

3) Armored deflector shield

4) Instrument readout

5) Handlebar controllers

6) Accelerator pedals

7) Rider seat with cooling vents

8) Repulsorlift engine

9) Turbothrusters

10) Mini-stinger missiles

11) Cowlings

12) Laser guided guns

13) Bottom blaster cannons

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